June 28, 2022
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Myths About Psychedelics

Myths About Psychedelics

Since the medical use of magic mushrooms is not approved now, and there are not enough official studies related to how psilocybin-containing mushrooms influence the ...
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Where Does CBD Oil Come From

At the moment, in the US, CBD oil is one of the most popular cannabis-derived products. However, at the same time, the product is so ...
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Psychedelic Mushrooms

How To Grow Psychedelic Mushrooms Without Spores?

Unlike marijuana, growing psychedelic mushrooms do not require huge electricity costs and takes up little space, so growing for yourself is not difficult in almost ...
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Bad Trip

Tips To Avoid A Bad Trip – Beginner Guide

The majority of users consume magic mushrooms for getting a psychedelic experience – it is a spiritual practice of recession into self-consciousness. Psilocybin that is ...
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Shroom Tea

How To Make Shroom Tea?

You must have heard of the many “best” ways to consume this meditative product. Some have told you that there is nothing more perfect than ...
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Psychedelic Drug Therapy

3 Reasons Why Should Psychedelic Drug Therapy Be Allowed

Today, psychedelic therapy is rapidly gaining popularity among many users, providing mental health disorders treatment. However, there are some potential risks to deal with, like ...
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Eat Shrooms

What Is The Best Way To Eat Shrooms?

Over the centuries of human use of magic mushrooms, we have invented a huge number of alternatives to extract psilocybin (a psychoactive substance in shrooms ...
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