May 19, 2022
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How To Make Shroom Tea?

Shroom Tea

You must have heard of the many “best” ways to consume this meditative product. Some have told you that there is nothing more perfect than eating raw psilocybin mushrooms, either dried or fresh; since then, they have been without various additives. Although most beginners, and sometimes experienced people in this field, cannot stand the specific taste of dirt inherent in these plants in their pure form. Why? Because taking psilocybin produces an effect that is to some extent due to the poisoning of the body.

Therefore, we strongly advise you to be careful with such recommendations, as your digestive system may not be so strong that it will lead to nausea if you always feel a nasty aftertaste.

Other people representing the conventionally “new school” argue that making smoothies or chocolates with mushrooms is worth making smoothies or chocolates. However, it should be noted that such preparations are very energy-consuming; not everyone will have the strength to do so.

However, our experts can assure you that shroom tea is the most time-saving and efficient way to consume it. This is an excellent alternative to other options, which does not increase the power of influence on the psyche. We’ve created a guide for you on making magic mushroom tea to make it the most incredible drink of your life.

So, to understand how to make shroom tea, you must first understand in what form psilocybin-containing plants occur in nature and also in what form they are more consistent with our goal:

1) raw (fresh);

They contain the highest percentage of psilocybin among their other forms. If you fill them with hot water, then they will quickly give the water all their psychedelic properties. They are usually washed, cut, and then eaten like this or added to various dishes, like regular mushrooms, chanterelles, etc.

2) frozen;

Although the preservation method seems ideal, in fact, this way, we lose some of the natural properties and effects from using them in this form. They have a chance to be transported from one point of the United States to another without any problems.

3) dried product;

On the one hand, about 50 percent of the psychoactive substance found in raw mushrooms can be found in dried produce. On the other hand, when sent to a client, such a form will take up much less space and will not deteriorate as quickly in unforeseen circumstances. Plus, they can be ground in a coffee grinder and then making magic mushroom tea from powdered mushrooms.

It is essential to remember a few facts about this brewing method with exciting consequences.
First, with warm water in a mug, psilocybin begins to break down and convert to psilocin. Usually, such a chain occurs directly in our stomachs, but if you use such a recipe, the water will do the job for you, and you will not have to wait so long for the first changes.

Secondly, in no case use boiling water for brewing magic mushroom tea bags since the temperature of 137 degrees is critical for the chemical compound of psilocybin. If it is even one degree higher, it will lose all its psychedelic properties. However, for the sake of preserving the effects, you should not exceed the temperature of one hundred degrees.

Among the magic mushroom tea recipes, we will single out one main one, which personally seems to us to be universal:

1) Weigh the net weight. Do not consume more than the manufacturer advises on the label.
2) Prepare a thermos. Insert the required dose inside.
3) Boil the kettle. Please wait until it cools down to about 80 degrees.
It is advisable to use a water thermometer so as not to be mistaken for sure.
4) Fill the thermos, where the mushrooms already lie, with warm water.
5) Wait about 10-20 minutes. Otherwise, the tea will not have time to infuse.
6) Creative stage: the choice of additive. This is perhaps the most exciting part because you can independently decide which flavors should be in your meditation drink. These can be various spices that we add sweet syrups, cinnamon, mint, etc.
We also strongly advise you to cut some lemon into a thermos, as it can enhance the psychedelic trip.
7) Tune in mentally. This is also important because not being prepared for mushrooms and new experiences can lead to a bad trip.

Our team wishes you a successful hike inside yourself and a trip through your subconscious mind! Good luck to you!