May 21, 2022
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Tips To Avoid A Bad Trip – Beginner Guide

Bad Trip

The majority of users consume magic mushrooms for getting a psychedelic experience – it is a spiritual practice of recession into self-consciousness. Psilocybin that is containing in shrooms is not likely to lead to a bad trip that goes for the experience of bad feelings like fear, panic, flashbacks, etc. But, can you have a bad trip on shrooms? Well, yes – there is a potential risk of getting a bad trip on mushrooms. Since then, the main question is how to avoid a bad trip on shrooms, and if it has happened, how to deal?

How to reduce the risk of a bad trip on shrooms?

1.     Choose a reliable dealer

Psilocybin is still illegal in a majority of states, so you will never know what drug quality you will get. You would better buy magic mushrooms in a dealer you are familiar with to minimize the risk of a bad trip, poisoning, or lack of any effect.

2.     Consider a reason for the trip

Don`t deal with a psychedelic trip to avoid any problems. Your reason for the trip should be well-advised.

3.     Find a sitter

To prevent yourself from damaging while you are on high ask your friend to sit with you. Keep in mind that your sitter has to be sober.

4.     Choose suitable environment

A noisy and crowded atmosphere will influence your psychedelic trip, not in a good way, so you need to prefer a familiar environment like home. Additionally, consider that your trip will last up to 8-12 hours.

5.     Tune yourself

Remember that psilocybin sharpens your senses and emotions and whether you will be in a bad mood, or confused a psychedelic experience will make a situation even worst. So, you have to adjust yourself to a good vibe before a trip itself.

6.     Don`t mix psilocybin with other substances

A bad decision is to mix psilocybin with cannabis, nicotine, or alcohol – the consequences can be truly unpredictable.

7.     Avoid driving a car

Driving a vehicle straight after a psychedelic trip is not a great idea. Your world perception might be slightly changed as well as a focus and coordination, so it will be appropriate to delay your travel till the next day.

Tips while having a bad psychedelic experience

1. Succumb a bad trip

Remember that the best variant to deal with a bad psychedelic experience is to let it pass. Don`t try to interrupt a trip since it can become even more frightening. You need to concentrate on a good vibe, and unpleasant feelings will be gone soon.

2. Surround yourself with a familiar environment

Whether you are not acquainted with your surroundings, give a sign to your sitter that you have a bad experience. A friend will help you to adapt quickly.

3. Try to completely relax

Again, your trip sitter plays here a big role. Whether he\she has noticed that you are confused and breathing difficult, a sitter will help you to relax by turning on a calm melody, for instance.